CEO Seong-Ki, Kim of SNK Technologies Co. Ltd., SNK Technologies creates various electronic devices out of unique techniques and continuous changes
CEO Seong-Ki, Kim of SNK Technologies Co. Ltd., SNK Technologies creates various electronic devices out of unique techniques and continuous changes
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[대한뉴스=김남규 기자] On the 28th of September, vice minister Man-Gi Jeong for industry and technology, vice president Dong-Geun Lee for KCCI and heads of 12 big companies, public offices and economic organizations attended at the Industry innovation movement hosted by Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI), which was held at the international conference hall, KCCI.



What the Industry innovation movement is a business to expand an accompanied growth between big companies and 1st cooperative companies into second and third cooperative companies and support minor and middle sized companies’ production innovation. The goal of this movement is to support 10,000 of small companies until 2018. In this competition, there were a report for result for what small companies supported for the last 3 years have done their presentation and the award. This year was the third and the result was they invested 49.6 billion won in total and helped 2,014 small companies for their innovative activities. Among them, 532 companies could build up a smart factory system.


Especially, in this competition, SNK Technologies Co. Ltd (CEO Seong-Ki, Kim) was highlighted on their technology by the excellence award since they made ‘BODY SCANNER’, which is an examiner to test a disease using biotechnology with SAMSUNG SDI.


SNK Technologies was built up in 2004 and since then, they have been growing by continuous R&D and innovative products so the clients could count on them. For this time, gaining the award was possible because the company has been guaranteed from the excellent technology and credit. For this, CEO Seong-Ki, Kim explained and showed off high expectation about BODY SCANNER. “This prize for the excellence is for our products with a quality and innovation profile on aspect of business management; however, I think it is for all of us because we have been through together as one.”

He added, “Now is really important time. I thought it have been lack of something so far, therefore, we have to prepare for anything for the future. And this is how we invented this health care product.”



Contributing the public healthcare with ‘BODY SCANNER’ that is able to recognize the disease


Particularly, in this time, they invented ‘BODY SCANNER’ and this is based on their own brand of SNK Technologies. Back in the university, CEO Seong-Ki, Kim majored in electronic engineering and this is a bio-signal examiner integrated by his technique and know-how. When a patient uses this ‘BODY SCANNER’, the patient can find any diseases any time so people can recognize any dangerous factor as it can be found early time. Other than that, it is possible to make incurable diseases to be found in early to have a treatment and to check out with a remote system.  Other than that, when the device is provided in commercial, people who have a problem to move their bodies can have the best medical care, prospectively. CEO Kim expects, “Currently, we are processing the certification from Korean Food and Drugs Administration and when it is done, we would use it wide. First of all, we are introducing to foreign countries. As for eastern Asia like Indonesia, they are hugely interested in this system since the government could manage people’s health care in terms of welfare from health control tower.”



Growing as a global company with an international network after overcoming many crises


When young, CEO Seong-Ki, Kim was working for Huneed Technologies but the company had the IMF crisis to go bankrupt. He decided to run his own business. With his background from the hands-on experience and professional knowledge, his company had made various cutting edge products such as mobile, IoT devices, an energy storage system using a solar power and LED lighting. After that, he kept making profitable and bright business constantly so eventually, his company became the first registered vendor of SAMSUNG SDI. But, it was not that this business was always smooth. Between 2008 and 2010, he used to export a product from SNK Technologies, there was a temporary defect and he got a claim from the other company.



At that time, it was a huge deal, so CEO Kim had a difficult to get back to normal. Yet, he couldn’t pay back to the bank for 4 years and there was no money in. After all, employees left the company and for the last minute, there were only 3. Despite of the desperation, he didn’t stop and give up. Currently, SNK Technologies is the first vendor to provide products for SAMSUNG SDI and also, his relationship with the company that claimed got recovered completely. In the future he has a plan to develop more practical devices in the IoT area, mobile and medical industry so; they will become a global company to export their products to all over the world.


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