A literary author as well as a CEO of Construction Future System Co.,Ltd
A literary author as well as a CEO of Construction Future System Co.,Ltd
Hyun Dong Myung to while away to happy time with my family
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Human-beings sometimes forget one important fact that 'where they are', 'where they are going'

In addition, what's worse, they used to ignore it, and not to know how family is valuable and comfortable.

The Korea's reading public society has focused on book of miscellaneous writing, named 'The story of my family'.

According to reading public, this book was very particular and valuable not only because of its beautiful compositions, though most themes from everyday affair, with which a reader can sail on the dream world, but also of the fact that writer was not, what's called, a literary man but a company's CEO.

He is Mr.Hyun Dong Myung, a President of Construction Future System Co.,Ltd who has had an endless dialogue with family, society, and even himself through good writing.

Besides, his company was the first venture company of the architecture & building's tech based in Korea, involving all kinds of pre-estimate and analysis for all those related to construction business.

Aside from that his company has been well-known internationally in those areas such as an estimate of details-based P/Inv as a pre-step, design changes, and calculation of cost of buildings, and that he has created the strong business network for domestic as well as overseas customers, as a promising businessman, we faced a curiosity, like those " What brought him do publish literal books ?", " What's his philosophy of management ?"

Thus we planed to fix one up, an interview with him to sketch about him who recently won the best award in the field of architecture & building from the Government, Office of Supply.

Q 1) Firstly congratulations ! You are an engineer, as well as a business man, never got behind with business in the same circles. But so far as we know, you already published books seven times, which reminding me to think that you are a person of literary turn. Do you have any special background ?

A 1) As a construction engineer, I had several year-overseas working experience, mainly in Singapore and Indonesia.

This means that I could not dwell on the good home life, sometimes being suffered from nostalgia toward my family for long time.

At the moment, I had immediately realized the importance of why family be existed, how to get a channel for mutual understanding between us.

That's why I decided to write a book in order to get mutual understanding with people, society, including my family.

Though my first version was focused on that like a guide book for practical affairs in a field of construction work in foreign countries, day after day, year after year, I had wanted to make a forever dialogue channel with my family, so it caused me to write for this book "The story of my family" as an author.

Q 2) Could you tell us your philosophy on management ?

A 2) We should find out who we are, perhaps just as 'See ourselves as Good sees us' Then we can create the hope and mutual trust based-human network, no matter what we have done, at anywhere.

Meanwhile there is an adage over which we easily have passed.

"World is still wide for you !"

Mickle Lee/Internet Korea News

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