KATA..For Korea's competitive In-bound tour BIZ
KATA..For Korea's competitive In-bound tour BIZ
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Tourism industry is a globalized business inclusive of high additional value, contributing greatly to nation's economy.

So tourism has been vital for many countries, due to the income generated by the consumption of goods and services by tourists, the taxes levied on businesses in the tourism industry, and the opportunity for employment in the service industries associated with tourism.

Neverthelss all Korea's efforts for more competitiveness of In-bound tourism business, Korea has not been attractive among foreign visitors so that they could turn away from visiting Korea.

So we got an interview with Chung W.S, the Chairman of Korea Association of Travel Agents(KATA) as well as Korea Travel Company(KTC), with our expectation of finding a key solution to fix up this problem.

Q1)What's the pending problems of Korea's In-bound tourism industry ?

A1)First of all, I dare to say, Korea's everything is very expensive. So it makes our In-bound tourism lose competitiveness. What's worse, 'Won' currency remains strong in these days.

And what I'd like to say secondly is that we do not have many historic or schocking landmarks for visitors to get more curiosity about Korea because of unexpected regulations from government, and administrative discrepancies between Government and National Assembly.

Q2)Could you tell us more concretely about that ?

A2)For an instance, we wanna government's concern about exemption of VAT for all vehicles related to tourism industry at gas station.

And we think, for more competitive tour circumstances, all unnecessary regulations for bill collecting from overseas partners, for example whether or not it's done by t/t or cash, whether by bank side or not, should be abolished as soon as possible.

Though we know the Ministry of Culture and Tourism(MCT), one of government's agencies, has done the best, we hope their doing best of the best resolutely.

Q3)Do you have any proposal to MCT for recovery of it ?

A3)What we hope firstly is MCT's up-dated assistance for us to create the self-regulating circumstance for business.

MCT should reinforce regulation against irregal business as much as they can.

But they should delete any shoestring-tackled regulation for our lubricated business activities.

And secondly we hope MTC's comprehensive understanding about KATA's aspiration for public-benefit based 'Tourism Advancement BIZ' and our self-control for it.

Q4)So far as we know, your KTC is one of the tour companies with long history in Korea. Can you say about that ?

A4)KTC was established in 1963, specializing in tour industry.

We've never look at something else, focusing on the tour business only, with being based on the notion that any appointment with customer is the most valuable and important.

Q5)What's your philosophy of management ?

A5)It's simple ! No 1 is that we obey democracy & transparent management. No 2 is that we fulfill our promise. And No 3 is that tour business is what sell dream and hope. No more..and no less..!

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