NMK as a center of culture diplomacy
NMK as a center of culture diplomacy
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For recent several years, National Museum of Korea(NMK)has been an attractive topic among all citizens, as well as resident aliens in Korea, because of its being regarded as a core of the culture-based diplomacy.

Responding to its popularity, NMK lately launced a new culture program for foreigners only, named 'English Guided Tour', which offered on every Saturday evening PM 6:30.

Expecially NMK has enjoyed the 2nd period of prosperity since 2005, showing up its own 'State-of-the-art-system' with combination of Korea's advanced IT power.

In addition, aside from that NMK becomes one of the major tourist attractions in Korea, many foreign diplomatic officials here used to ask us whether its result successful or not they want to join NMK's international program, by which they easily can introduce their culture & civilization, in the form of 'Special Exhibition' for Korean people.

So our curiosity was peaked, and we sought an interview with Hongnam Kim Ph.D, the Director-General of NMK. We hoped to hear new vision for the next several years, and her own management way of national museum.

Q1) So far as we know, NMK's slogan is "Korea in the Asian civilization"

Could you explain more about it ?

A1) We think that all human-being's civilization has the flexibility-based combination between similarity and difference, creating own particular cultural way, maybe like an organic whole.

So it would be the most important for them to get an opportunity to make cultural exchanges one after another, understanging the backgound of civilization each other.

Because I dare to say, To interprete one's culture & civilization is a gateway to globalization toward his country.

That's why we've got Indonesian Culture Festival, and next year we join with Vietnam's culture program.

Q2) Any plan for display of Korean culture in foreign countries ?

A2) Next year we will open it in Brussels, the center of E.U, on a large scale.

Also Paris, France would feature various cultural treasures from Korea.

So for this project, we are negotiating with French government.

Q3) Can you introduce your advanced technology for protecting cultutal treasure's quality, and for visitor's convenience ?

A3) We recommend you visit our Div of Conservation Science after this interview.

We control air quality, and light quality through the new sunlight system, which can identify the sun's position by season and time of day, filtering pure visible rays only. Besides our IT-based monitoring technology gurantees the perfect preservation of all items.

And regarding our IT service for visitor, for an instance, we offer them audio guide(MP3) & PDA guide aptly, together with comprehensive information system on all collections & research materials.

Q4) With the view point of culture diplomacy, do you have any plan to accelerate cultural's exchange program ?

A4) It's good question ! We already opened our door to them.

Considering that Korea's economical activities have cooperated with those from many different countries, if cultural exchange activities follow it, understanding way of life, culture, and history each other, we think it's definitely the 'Win-Win' based bilateral tie, at whatever they do, whenever they meet.

Q5) We think NMK is the unique place where any visitor can have an endless dialogue between the present and the past, just as many historians mentioned.

But for longer dialogue in Museum, it may be natural for even museum to have lots of attractive entertainment's factors for visitors.

How do you think about it ?

A5) It's exactly correct, and I agree on it.

As for entertainment's factor that I'd like to say 'the Academic popularity-based interest', the display & management's way even in museum should create it rather than conserve it with passive attitude.

Entertainment-based factor can be closely connected with competitiveness, which enhances more & more visitors.

Q6) Everybody knows that you are the Ph.D of Yale University.

When it comes to management way, do you have any difficulty between the CEO and Ph.D ?

A6) Museum has special fuctions, not like the profit-purposed companies.

Though I am a CEO of scholar origin, Really I think I do what comes naturally.

I have focused on NMK's internationalized competitive power, being harmony with the 'art & scienece'-based specificity and popularity.

So the careful concern and modesty for visitor and partner would be followed with us.

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