UN Global Compact Korea Network Officially Launched
UN Global Compact Korea Network Officially Launched
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More than 180 participants, including about 70 CEOs, and all those from government, labour and civil society gathered September 17 at the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Seoul for the inaguration ceremony of the Global Compact Korea Network.

This event was organized by UN Global Compact Korea Network Preparatory Committee/UNGCPC with the support of the UN Development program, and Korea's government.

The ceremony opened with a digital message from UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, who encouraged Korean Global Compact participants to 'write a new chapter in the success story of Korean business'

Addressing the inaguration ceremony, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade/MOFAT, Song Min-Soon said 'Korea network will, first of all, focus on its role as an educational network for sharing success stories'

'All success of the Korea network greatly depends on all participants here and member companies of network. So MOFAT will do its utmost to ensure the success of its activities' he continued.

Then Mr.Yang Zhe, the Representative of UN Development program, also said through his welcoming speech, 'Today's meaningful event will provide an excellent platform for dialogues and learning among participants and stakeholders in Korea'

And he continued ' We are sure that it would be a platform for innovation, for finding new and pragmatic approaches to doing business in an ever-changing global economy'

Meantime during the ceremony, Nam Seung-Woo, CEO of Pulmuone, was elected as the Chairperson of the network's inaugural Board of Directors.

The participants of the UNGC Korea network also adopted the network's Article of Corporation as well as its first work plan, mapping out strategic and operational priorities.

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