The outcome of 1st Korea-Central Asia Cooperation Forum
The outcome of 1st Korea-Central Asia Cooperation Forum
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The 1st Korea-Central Asia Cooperation Forum was recently held in Seoulat the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade withabout 150 participants fromKorea, the KyrgyzRepublic,Kazakhstan,Tadzhikistan,Turkmenistanand Uzbekistan.

According to MOFAT, The Central Asian delegations noted that the 1st Korea-CentralAsiaCooperation Forum would serve as animportant opportunityto promote bilateral relations to a higher dimension. Theyalso highly acknowledgedKorea’s efforts to establish equal,mutually beneficial and cooperative relations with theCentral Asiannations, and appreciated our policies toward the Islam based on humanism.
Besides, The Korean participants welcomed the 1st Korea-Central Asia Cooperation Forum, and proposed tostrengthen bilateral cooperation by establishing ‘Korea-Central Asia Peace Community’ and‘Korea-Central Asia Center for Cooperation,’ based on historical and cultural similarities.
Both sides agreed to further increase cooperation projects in IT, state-of-the-art technology and
manufacturing industry, that reach far beyond the current ones focused on particular areas such as energyand resources.
Also, both sides noted that increasing collaborative ties in areas of culture, tourism and education willfurther promote the development of bilateral relations. The ROK government pledged to introduce Koreanpop culture industries and actively support the exchange of visits by both Korean and Central Asiancultural missions and performance groups.
Meanwhile, Vice Minister Cho Jung-pyo, who chaired this forum, announced a ‘Chairman’s Summary’ thatsummarizes the outcomes of this meeting with the consent of the heads of delegations from the 5 CentralAsian countries.
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