Monk. Jeon Nam Jeong(全南亭), the Pioneer of social welfare movement
Monk. Jeon Nam Jeong(全南亭), the Pioneer of social welfare movement
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Recently one of Korea's Buddhism orders, named 'ChongHwa-Jong'(總和宗), has been spotlighted because of its launch of social welfare foundation at the beginning of 2008.
Considering that Korean Buddhism has done efforts for better society, making various services with voluntary-based, So regarding on 'ChongHwa-Jong's social welfare services, Our curiosity was peak.

So we could have an interview with Monk. Jeon Nam Jeong(全南亭), the Director of ChongHwa Foundation as well as the head priest of Sujin-Sa temple, headquarters for 'ChongHwa-Jong'(總和宗 本山).

Q1) We heard that ChongHwa Foundation would focus on servive for education.
Could you tell us any special reason for your launch of it ?

A1) According to Buddha 'Sakyamuni's delivery, if you do not cling to all what you've possessed, your mental state will be calm, like you are on the smooth water.

On top of that, as you know, modern society needs well-educated people.
In other words, the education is the most important way to judge one's competitiveness. So I dare to say that only education can make one's country be better and better.
Those are why we decided to establish 'ChongHwa Foundation'

Q2) Can you tell us about short profile of 'ChongHwa-Jong'(總和宗) ?

A2) The founder of 'ChongHwa-Jong' order is Monk. Bowoo, who lived during 14th Century of 'Koryo' Dynasty, having more than 1.5 million's fellows with 1,756 temple network in Korea.
We have taken a serious view about Avatamska Sutra, and Modern Buddhism should be different from that in the past, especially in the field of ascetic exercises.

Q3) If you prepare a Topic of Buddhism for our human-being's better living in 2008, Can you teach us it ?

A3) New year's topic is regarding the importance of talk's prudence.
Firstly we have to consider whether we say 'now' or 'later', and Secondly whether we say it, or not say it forever.

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