Not 'Minute by minute' But 'Second by second'
Not 'Minute by minute' But 'Second by second'
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(the CEO Mr.K S lee, Bigshine Korea, one of the BIZ success model in Netherlands)

The korea-based global company, named Bigshine Korea, has been a leading provider of high tech-based solutions & semi-conductors, having the network of 17 overseas branches, since the establishment in 1989.

And recently when we covered a story about Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency in Seoul, they recommended us this company as one of the great success models in Netherlands, which enhanced us get the strong curiosity about 'WHY Netherlands'

So we could have an interview with CEO, Mr.K.S.Lee, for covering article on his veiled business portfolio, focusing on philosophy of his own management's way.

Q1) Could you tell us why last year you decided to invest in Netherlands ?

A1) Before my decision for looking for foreign partners, we travelled many European countries, checking all what's concerning on its circumstance and background each.

But when the time was going for me to consider again, we found the difference between netherlands and other E.U countries.

The crucial factors for us to go Netherlands are firstly its comfortable circumstances for businessman with nicely conntected infra-structure in the marketing's field, secondly its own geographical location, as a gateway to E.U.

And the last reason is, when it comes to referring on peopel's English proficiency as a foreign language, I dare to say, Netherlands has the most competitiveness I never experienced before.

Q2) Can you talk about your philosophy of management, when propel business ?

A2) It's a good question ! Whenever I do business, I have given the priority to the concept of 'globalization'. Because we've done the global information network-based IT business, In other words, Informations are those like our life.

Next then, my philosophy toward customer is that customer service should be the No 1 priority, because we have constructed human relation-based netwotk with customers, in which we can re-create something for them.

And may be the last for which we have to do effort would be about the concpet of 'Innovation'.

I think there are two kinds of concept on it.

One is, what's called, 'Self Innovation' which directly connected with that how much we can show up our creativity & originality.

And the other's 'System Innovation', as a fundamental activity for advanced marketing.

So we are not believers of 'minute by minute', but for 'second by second'

Q3) Can you introduce us the newest device or product ?

A3) There is one, called 'Car DVR System', which offers automatically digital image's memory storage.

For an instance, If you have it installed inside your car, and let's suppose that you involed in traffic accident, whether it's serious or not. At this case this system can read all situation before your accident, and re-show its digital images for 30 seconds automatically.

We think it will be one of the revolutionary items all over the world.

Encouraged by this innovation system, That's why many foreign buyers have sprung up to cooperate with us.

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